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CONTACT US  reception@farleighdental.co.uk Phone: 020 8657 4477 10 Old Farleigh Road, Selsdon, Surrey, CR2 8PB
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Farleigh Dental complies with the guidelines for the dental industry set by the GDC.

Farleigh Dental is registered with the Care Quality Commission.

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Dr C.G. Barratt & Associates

The benefits of registering with Farleigh Dental

We provide patient treatment in relaxed, modern surgeries by our experienced, friendly dental clinic team using the latest in cross infection control and technology. Farleigh Dental is a private practice and offers private dentistry both on a pay as you go basis and via our payment plans, allowing all our patients to budget for their dental health needs.

Free from constraints

Farleigh Dental is an entirely independent practice, this means that we do not provide treatments on the NHS. Free from the constraints and targets of the NHS, we can provide the treatment YOU want and need.

Options to suit you

Farleigh Dental offers convenient payment plans for our professional dental services. You can, of course, choose to pay as you go for your continued care at no prejudice to your plan or to the treatment we offer.

The difference with Farleigh Dental

From the moment you register with us, the warm welcome at reception on every visit to our comfortable modern practice, to the time we spend with you, our approach gives us the time to provide you with the best service possible and put your comfort and smile first.

When was your last routine check-up?

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Have you ever wondered what the dental team are doing when you have a check-up? This page explains the need for regular checkups and what we do while you’re in our comfy chairs.

If you’re lucky enough to have a good standard of dental health, we’ll happily not see you as often!

Got a while until your next check-up is due but noticed a problem? Don’t wait! between check-ups, contact us to make an earlier appointment.

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